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We must all do something



I am trying to send "The Koran in Reverse Chronological Order" to all UK MPs.  However my emails keep getting blocked.

I need you to download it, and then send it to your own MP.  Let me know if they actually reply.


1. If you have a website or blog then please add a link to here, with the title: "Blueprint for the Destruction of Islam".  If you can also add the thumbnail image that would be appreciated.  If it is the wrong size for your site the full resolution image is below, you can resize it to your requirements. 

2. Please promote this website via social media.  Also add the link to this website into the comment section of websites.

3. Write to your Member of Parliament and tell them exactly why Islam is incompatible with Democracy and Human Rights.  Tell them that it is not acceptable for politicians to lie about this.  Tell them that we cannot stand being told, after every Jihadist atrocity that it is "nothing to do with Islam" or "peaceful Islam has been hijacked" or other deceitful platitudes.  Tell them that tolerance is not always a virtue.  We cannot tolerate the intolerable.

4. Download the eBook and email it to your contacts.

5. Read the Koran.  Nothing that I can write can convey the full horror of it. Download the copy from here and email it to your contacts.

6. Enjoy infidel activities.  Visit art galleries, cathedrals, music concerts, sports events, etc.  Also enjoy alcoholic drink in moderation.  Appreciate these things while we yet can.  They will not survive this century, if demographic trends continue.

7. Muslims are the primary victims of Islam.  We must do what we can to free them from this evil ideology.  Invite them to read the eBook.  Put links to it from the comment section of their websites.  Send it to them via email or social media (you may want to use an anonymous account name).  This is the 21st century not the 7th century.  We need to stamp out this Islamic religious hatred.  It is completely incompatible with every other culture on the planet.