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Just another non-believer.

Wishing that the future will be safe and secure.  There is hope, that Islam will self-destruct, that Muslims will escape from their mental slavery, and come and join the rest of humanity in the 21st century.

A religion which has to retain its followers by threatening death to anybody who leaves, is not a genuine religion. it is a death cult.

The Koran is full of scientific absurdities.  It was written by an ignorant man in the 7th century.  It was not written by Allah.  If Allah had written it then he would have known that north of the Arctic Circle no Muslims can survive the fasting when Ramadan is during the summer.  All of humanity cannot become Muslims.  

Mohammed thought that the sun sets in a muddy spring (Koran 18:85-86).  He believed that clouds could speak (Koran 41:11).  He also thought that rocks and trees could speak (Hadith Sahih Muslim, Book 40, Number 6985: Narrated AbuHurayrah.)

Mohammed clearly was mentally deranged, no sane person hears voices from there objects.  You must know that?  It is only a small step to agree that the words supposedly from the Angel Gabriel were also created in his own deranged imagination.

Mohammed did not know that the Arctic Circle even exists or he would have created some other rules for Ramadan fasting.  He was clearly ignorant and just made up the Koran himself.  So why follow any of his demands, since he is proven to be ignorant?  

Hell does not exist, it is a pagan idea, stop being so fearful.  Free your mind and have some courage.

Try an alcoholic drink also.  If you are allowed to have a drink in paradise, why not have one right now?  Cheers!